Here are some key features of Spyzie Application 2020

Spyzie application permits all of you these highlights of the objective.

Access to the call logs.

With the assistance of Spyzie Application you can access to the call logs of the focused on gadget. It can sort the call logs for you. It will arrange approaching, active and missed calls. You can likewise check the hour of calls. You can likewise record the calls of focused gadget.

Message history can be seen.

You are likewise ready to see the message history of the focused on gadget. You can see the approaching and active time of messages.

You can check the contact list.    Spyzie Pro apk

Contact rundown can likewise be seen of the focused on gadget. Either the contacts are saved money on sim or in the google drive of the focused on gadget.

Explore the perusing history.

Perusing history can likewise be appeared to you. All the perusing history of uses like google chrome, UC program or drama smaller than normal program.

Track the live and past areas.

On the off chance that the GPS is empowered of the gadget and the consents of area history are on in the focused on gadget. You can see the live area history where the objective is moving.

Access to the capacity of target.

With the assistance of permit authorization stockpiling of the focused on gadget to the spyzie apk you can follow the photos collection of the gadget.

Show play store libraries.

You can likewise approach the play store of the focused on gadget. You can check the introduced applications on the android cell phone. You can likewise check the application library of the focused on gadget.

Track schedule occasions.

Schedule exercises and all the occasions can likewise be seen of the focused on gadget. You can check either what the objective will do in coming days with the assistance of the spyzie application.

Your associate in the focused on zone.

Directed telephone can likewise function as your collaborator in the focused on gadget territory. It can record its environmental factors and send it to you.


We are giving you these applications and administrations as an outsider. We had gathered these information from various sources. We are getting information from sources which we don’t claim. Be that as it may, we are working for your wellbeing. The substance which we give you is enthusiastically recommendable and 100% safe. It doesn’t contain any malware which is hurtful for you and your gadget. We have no association with any server.

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